Forward artillery observer post LARTOS

The LARTOS system is designed to identify targets and objects, the distance to them, and their angular coordinates with respect to the LARTOS itself or to a particular point (position) whose coordinates are pre-entered/set in the system. The LARTOS system also calculates the opposite task-defines its own coordinates and direction “NORTH” (orientational directions) by known data for one or several points with known linear and/or angular coordinates (directional angles) with accuracy ± 00-02 thousandths/± 2,1mils.

The following functional modules are included in the “LARTOS” system: main system module, control and visualization unit, power unit, positioning unit, cables, software to perform tasks of artillery instrumental intelligence (azimuth, elevation angle, defining a distance to the target from the LARTOS and a distance to the target from a forward position).

The LARTOS system maintains a database of coordinates of the objects. This is non-volatile database, i.e. when the system power is turned off, the data is not lost.

The system consists of the following modules:
– Main Module
– Height and Azimuth movement Module
– Leveling mechanism
– Power supply unit
– Touchscreen display

Technical characteristics
Main module
The main module includes thermal imaging channel, laser rangefinder and measurement module.

1.1 Thermal imaging channel
Objective: 100 mm with focal length from 80 m to infinity
Field of view: 6.2°(Hor.) x 5°(Ver.)
Working spectral range: 8 – 14 µm
Pixel size: 17 µm
Image resolution: 640 х 512 pxl
Matrix type: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Analog/Digital video interface: 1 Vрр PAL(CCIR), NTSC(RS-170) / BT601,656
Noise equivalent differential temperature (NEdT): < 50 mK at f/1.0 Detection and Recognition characteristics: Detection vehicle: 2.3 x 2.3 m > 4.5 km
Detection human figure: > 3 km
Recognition vehicle: 2.3 x 2.3 m > 3 km;
Recognition human figure: > 1.2 km

1.2 Laser rangefinder module
Range: from 100 to 20 000 m
Accuracy: ± 5 m
Field of view: 7°
Optical magnification: 7 х
Exit pupil diameter: 12.5 mm
Measurements per minute: 8
Guaranteed number of measurements: 20 000
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Interface for data exchange with external devices: WiFi

1.3 Measurement module
Measurement of horizontal angles: from 00-00 to 59-99 accuracy of
± 00-02 thousandths / ± 2.1 mils
Measurement of vertical angles: ±05-00 with accuracy of ± 00-02 thousandths/±2.1 mils
Interface for data exchange with external devices: WiFi
GPS-accuracy of horizontal positioning: < 2.5m

1.4 Management and visualization unit
The main function of the control and visualization unit is to combine the information from all devices of the LARTOS system – visualizing the picture from the thermal imaging channel, performing calculations of the data, ensuring the fulfillment of the tasks of the artillery intelligence (azimuth determination, distance to the target from the device and distance to the target from another position). The control of the modular system LARTOS is done with a touchscreen display with screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 10-finger capacitive touch and viewable screen size: 155 mm x 86 mm.

1.5 Leveling with mechanism
Used to set the system to a position for leveling.

1.6 Height and Azimuth movement Module
It serves to horizontalize the system for smooth and fast moving in the vertical and the azimuth. It is located above the tripod.

1.7 Power supply module
Provides no less than 6 hours continuous autonomous operation of the modular system LARTOS with one power supply unit, mounted at the bottom of the tripod. The power supply module consists of a LiFePO4 / 12.8 V /10A rechargeable battery with an integrated electronics unit, contained in aluminium housing. The system is equipped with two power units and chargers: 230V AC and 12V DC (for car socket).

1.8 Working environment and protection:
Relative humidity, non-condensing: from 10% to 70%
Operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C
Storing temperature: -40°C to +60°C
IP protection class: IP 65

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